Top 5 problems/recomndations

Top 5 problems

1.) High Fertility Rate
    Uganda's high fertility rate is one of the biggest reasons why their life expectancy is so short. Wit the more people there, the less food and other resources they can evenly divide amongst the population for their survival. Some of these resources are medicine for people with diseases, food, safe water, shelter, etc.
      I suggest, that other more developed countries, donate money to build more institutions that give out the use of contraception, education on family planning, a more urbanized work force, and proper education. With a 3.1% rate of natural increase, and an estimated 18 years in which the entire country will double, there simply will not be enough resources and space for everyone person to be able to survive. This will leads to a mass emigration from Uganda into the more developed countries. This will cause their own personal struggles to spread to other countries. They will bring their untreated diseases, lack of work skills, and poor education, into a completely different place in which they will be forced to adapt without the proper knowledge and preparation of their tasks ahead.

2.) Poor Sewage/Sanitation
    This is one of the biggest problems Uganda is facing. Their poor sewage systems lead to many widespread diseases, and the ingestion of unsafe drinking water. With only 34% of people in Uganda with access to safe drinking water, that means the other 66% of the population puts their life at risk every single day. With donations from countries to build sewage systems as well as water filtration devices, not only will they have clean water to drink, but they can also focus their time on other means of survival, rather then spending their entire days just searching for clean water. Clean water will lead to better hygiene, and with better hygiene, disease will rapidly go down.

3.) Lack of institutions/Urbanization
I understand that religious and other cultural beliefs, are some of the reasons why Uganda is only 14% Urbanized. While i respect the fact that they would like to keep their own way of life, but with the severe lacking of institutions in Uganda, they are offered significantly less opportunities for survival, than those of the more developed world. In Uganda, there is only 1 pyhsician per every 21,000 people. With a 6.5% of the population being infected with the HIV/AIDS virus alone, that's almost 2 million people who have probably the worst sickness someone can have, that averages to only a hundred doctors to treat those patients who have that disease alone. Take into account the millions of other people suffering from life threatening diseases, there just are way too few doctors per people. I recommend that we need to build more institutions in Uganda for family planning, contraception use, and the simple treatment of these deadly disease which most of the time an easily be combated by a simple antibiotic. They simply need more hospitals and doctors, and other organizations which can help treat sick people, contain diseases from spreading, and offer sexual protection and education.
      Hospitals are not the only thing they need. Athleticism is a huge part of growing up, and since the over half of the population are under 15, building cheap sports fields, and donating cheap equipment to help the children learn cognitive skills, as well as get proper exercise, it can also help build their self esteem, which can open up new doors to many different opportunities in life.

4.) Poor Education
    The education in Uganda is very bad to put it simply. Only 56% of adults are literate, while 5 % attend high school, and 1 % attend college. What we need is to develop more programs within the states involving peace corps, which can build schools, and have teachers their to further advance the children in to high school or college. The education, as well as the gender equality, needs to drastically improve, so not only more woman have access to an education, but so there can be a higher development of hat education, so that children can learn more skills, and use their knowledge to personally advance the development of their country. This will lead to a higher urbanization, which will decrease fertility rates, and open up a much higher job opportunities which could one day stabilize the economy.

 The HIV Aids pandemic is so serious, that it needs to be stopped, like now, or the good or the human race is in trouble. There is a 6.5% rate of HIV/Aids in Uganda, and is quickly spreading through the limited contraception use, lack of medicine, and poor family planning. Also this mishandling of nature is another major factor. According to Jim Robbins on page one of the Ecology of Disease, states that "Aids and hundreds of other infectious diseases just dont happen, they are a result of what people do to nature." These diseases will spread to other countries once Uganda becomes over populated and forced to immigrate into new countries. This could lead to a worldwide spread of this disease unless contained immediately. I now I've been asking for countless donations but the fact is our country needs them in order for the world to keep itself stabilized. They simply need medication to combat the disease, as well as extensive contraception use to prevent the disease from spreading as well as family planning so one has the knowledge of the disease and how not to contract it.

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